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The Pattern Book & the Parergon: Wiener Werkstätte Textile Fragments and the Creation of Meaning

In this creative research project, the textile pattern book is taken as a template to explore the various processes through which artworks acquire meaning. Guided by questions posed by Derrida's deconstructive philosophy, I wanted to investigate the role that names, scholarship, context, theory, and physical manipulation can all change the way that a viewer may regard an art object. 

I created 25 original paintings that were then cut into 6x8" pieces and bound with canvas and easily removable brad fasteners. By mimicking the form of the pattern book I was able to probe the line between textiles, design, fine art and painting.

To learn more about the project, explore the images below and watch the  recording (presentation begins at 47:14) of the Cotsen Textile Traces Colloquium where I presented this project on April 23rd, 2022. 

Book I: Authorship

Book II: Images

Book III: Text